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  • Описание:Industrial Sodium Metabisulfite,Suppliers Price Na2s2o5,Food Grade Sodium Metabisulfite
Shandong Everlast AC Chemical Co., LTD Industrial Sodium Metabisulfite,Suppliers Price Na2s2o5,Food Grade Sodium Metabisulfite

Shandong industrial sodium metabisulfite price

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    Вид оплаты: L/C,T/T
    Incoterm: CFR
    Количество минимального заказа: 21 Ton
    Срок поставки: 15 дней

Базовая информация

Модель: sodium metabisulfite

Name:: Shandong Supply Industrial Sodium Metabisulfite Fo

CAS: 7681-57-4

EINECS NO.: 231-673-0

Appearance: White Crystalline Powder

Sodium Metabisulfite Water Solubility: 540 G/L (20℃)

Sodium Metabisulfite Molecular Weight: 190.1065

Other Name: Sodium Pyrosulfite,Métabisulfite De Sodium

Additional Info

Подробности Упаковки: 25kgs/bag,1000kgs/bag

производительность: 9000MT/Month

марка: Everlast Ac

транспорт: Ocean

Место происхождения: Shandong,China

Способность поставки: 9000MT/Month

Сертификаты : ISO9001:2008

Описание продукта

Shandong Supply industrial sodium metabisulfite food grade suppliers price na2s2o5

suppliers price na2s2o5


Sodium metabisulfite Chemical Name: sodium metabisulfite 96.5%


Sodium metabisulfite Type: industrial grade


Sodium metabisulfite Formula: Na2S2O5


Sodium metabisulfite Appearance: white crystalline powder


Sodium metabisulfite Quality standard: HG/T2826-2008

manufacturers sodium metabisulfite food grade suppliers price na2s2o5 Specifiction:



Food Grade


Purity(as Na2S2O5)



Sulfur Dioxide(SO2)






Heavy metals(As Pb)









Water insoluble



PH value






Sodium metabisulfite Industrial/Technical Grade Application:


a) Leather Processing Industries (SMBS): Sodium Metabisulfite is used as leather processing chemical during the deliming process and helps to prevent formation of toxiz hydrogen sulphide gas during deliming. It also acts a bleaching agent. It makes leather soft, well-developed, tough waterproof, anti-break, wear-ability and etc.

b) Water Treatment Chemical: Sodium Metabisulfite plays an important part in the treatment of water, wastewater and waste as a strong reducing agent. Sodium Metabisulfite also assists in the dechlorination of drinking water as well as in the chlorine removal in waste waters. Another treatment method that utilizes Sodium Metabisulfite's effectiveness is in the reduction of chromium. Small water treatment plants use sodium bisulfite to remove chlorine from the waste-water discharged back into lakes and rivers.
c) Dye-industry: used as dechlorination agent and cotton boiling-off agent for bleached cotton.
d) Photographic Industry: Sodium Metabisulfite's acidic and preservative properties also make it an effective substitute for sodium bisulfite, a chemical which is used in traditional darkroom photography.
e) Rubber Industry: In rubber industry, it is used as coagulative agent

f) Acrylic Sheets Manufacturing: It is used in manufacturing of acrylic sheets.

g) Water Pipes : The chemical is also used in the process of purifying water, cleaning water pipes and reverse osmosis membranes in desalinization equipment as it is an antibacterial. It is usually added to large piping systems to prevent oxidative corrosion.

h) Pharmaceutical Industries: Sodium Metabisulfite is an antioxidant additive in injectable medicines and is lso used as a reducing agent in pharmaceuticals.

i) Chemical Industries: It is a common reducing agent in chemical industries. Also, Sodium Metabisulfite is used as a bleaching agent in pulp and textile manufacture. It is also a known preservative in cosmetics. The chemical, in concentrated form, has also been used in landscape gardening as a tree stump remover, as it disintegrates the lignin -- chemicals in plant cell walls -- in the tree stumps, making them easier to remove.

j ) Wine & Beer Industry : It is also present in wines and beers, as it is used as both a sterilizer and an antioxidant in the process of brewing beer or fermenting wine. Sodium metabisulphite is available in wine-making stores to sterilize and preserve homemade wine. A small amount added to the pressed juice will kill any alcohol-resistant mold that is on the fruit. It is used in almost all commercial wines, to prevent oxidation and preserve flavor. In fruit canning, sodium bisulfite is used to prevent browning (caused by oxidation) and to kill microbes.


Sodium metabisulfite Food Grade Application:
It acts as a food Preservative
Sodium Metabisulfite is used as food processing chemical to preserve color and inhibit bacterial growth on fruits and vegetables, some seafood and in wine..
It can preserve many of the qualities of fruits and vegetables, including the color, taste and nutritional value. It is a common ingredient used in the canning process; the Sodium Metabisulfite protects the fruits and vegetables from oxidizing and changing color.

It is used as a food preservative. It is commonly used as a food preservative for dried foods, biscuits, potato chips, raisins and apples, as well as fruit concentrate juices.It acts as an antimicrobial, inhibiting the growth of fungi and bacteria, thereby keeping food fresh and safe.

It acts as a bleaching agent (Sweets , pastry, water-soaked bamboo slices, etc.; It also acts as loosening agent (breads, biscuits, etc.); antioxygen antistaling agent (acupuncture needle sprout, sea food, garden stuff, etc.

manufacturers sodium metabisulfite food grade suppliers price na2s2o5 Packing: 

Packed in 25, 50, 1000kgs in PP woven bag lined with PE bag


manufacturers sodium metabisulfite food grade suppliers price na2s2o5 Storage and Transport:

 It should be stored in a dry,ventilative and clean warehouse, kept away from water and moisture.

manufacturers sodium metabisulfite food grade suppliers price na2s2o5 Photos

3SMBSsodium metabisulfite2

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  • Shandong industrial sodium metabisulfite price
  • Shandong industrial sodium metabisulfite price
  • Shandong industrial sodium metabisulfite price
  • Shandong industrial sodium metabisulfite price
  • Shandong industrial sodium metabisulfite price
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